Crimson Clan Members

Jennifer Walker
Jennifer is a filmmaker and actor from Leith. She trained in Acting and Performance at PASS, Edinburgh College for three years before studying at UWS to complete a BA (Honours) degree in Contemporary Screen Acting. Jennifer is an energetic, passionate theatre actor and enjoys performing on both sides of the camera in film production. 

In January 2016, Jennifer performed as Jenny Clow and Margaret Cameron in Blue Eyed Lassie's sell-out play 'The Secret Sex Life of Robert Burns' at the Scottish Storytelling Centre. She also plays the role of Abigail in Crimson Clan's 'Mine Ain Fowk'. The production's political and social themes, along with the comedy in it, make the experience an enthralling one for Jennifer.

Jennifer is ecstatic to be directing '#TheBeckyToddShow' as she feels a deep connection to Becky's writing, characters and sense of humour. She often struggles to maintain a straight face from behind the camera when working with Becky.

Photo Credit: Scott Cadenhead

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